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Ever since our pilot program at the Walker State Faith and Character Based Prison in April, 2016 our results have been not only encouraging but inspiring. When prisoners listen to the music and then share their thoughts, they never cease to articulate inspired insights. They find new dimensions or interpretations that enhance our performers’ perspective. But it also punctuates how important music is on an individual basis. It’s important to encourage minds to go wherever they need to go when listening to the music. The goal is to actively encourage results to vary.

Progress is routinely tracked through a series of detailed surveys and we plan on offering access to these in the near future as a very special donor benefit. Until then, here are some of the highlights from that feedback:

“I’m in love with the way music talks to my heart.”

“Peace, joy to the depth of my soul.”

“The way it opened my heart up and it took stress off me.”

“It caused us to really feel at a deep level.”

“Music goes past the mind and straight into the heart.”

“I had to wait till I came to prison to experience this kind of music.”

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