The Freedoms We Ignore and Forget

In concert halls, a familiar scenario unfolds with remarkable consistency: some of the audience will approach a classical concert with trepidation. They often mention the same things, “I’m not sure if I’m listening correctly,” or, “I read the program notes but I’m not sure if I could detect the intricacies mentioned in the notes.” I … Read more

Sharing Creativity Creates Empathy

Earlier this week was the 9th trip into Walker State Faith and Character Based Prison to present a recital. These recitals are interactive in that after each piece is performed, prisoners are invited to share their feelings, thoughts, impressions, and interpretations of the works. Musicians don’t share anything prior to performing. Instead we invite a … Read more

Yes, And. The Early Days Of A New Nonprofit

After a few performances in the prisons over the last two years, it became clear we were bringing an entirely new and important conversation to the forefront. The conversations were never planned out. They consisted of sharing some music with prisoners and listening to their impressions, opinions, and thoughts. Outcome and expectations instinctively followed Improv … Read more

Perspectives of Love and Hope

Perspectives of Love and Hope

It’s easy for me to write about my perspective during my performances in the prison. I share my point of view and snippets from prisoner surveys along with their quotes taken during our two-way discussions after each piece is performed. For the latest recital, I invited two composers and a few guests from the community … Read more